IWPR Grant Awards for Rwanda Creative Industries

"We were always looking for someone who would invest in us and grow with us," grantee says.

After the biggest applications round yet, the Rwanda Creative Hub has announced 13 new grant awards.

Launched a year ago, the Rwanda Creative Hub serves as an accelerator for businesses in media, ICT and the arts. Its mission is to help Rwandan start-ups grow into thriving businesses that generate income and employment opportunities.

Afghans Feel Let Down by Politics

Complaints that political parties are vehicles for personal advancement rather than public good.

Political parties in Afghanistan are too divisive, pursuing narrow interests at the cost of national unity, according to participants in three IWPR debates this month.

Speakers at events in Nangarhar, Wardak and Logar provinces complained that public confidence in the democratic process was undermined by the actions of parties.

Armenia: Local Government Gets Bigger

Officials say merging 900-plus local administrations into 14 makes sense, but the plan is meeting resistance.

Local residents are unhappy about plans to combine some local government units into larger, more manageable groups.

A plan approved in 2011 envisages that “communes”, the lowest tier of government in rural areas, will be merged into larger units to rationalise and improve public service provision.


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