Low Earners Face Tax Squeeze in Armenia

Government hopes that devolving revenue collection will help curb tax evasion. It may, but only among the poor.

A bill now before the Armenian parliament will create more rigorous tax rules for some of the country’s lowest earners.

The rules govern people working in 13 different trades, including tailors, cobblers, cleaners and private tutors – typically self-employed, and typically with irregular income flows.

If approved, the changes will come into effect in January 2016.

LiveJournal Returns in Kazakstan, But Now Facebook is King

Four years' absence will make it hard for LiveJournal to claw back its fans.

The authorities in Kazakstan have unblocked the LiveJournal blogging website, four years after shutting down access to it.

A government statement on November 11 said the decision was taken after unlawful material – religious and extremist propaganda and information about weapons – were deleted.

LiveJournal is the largest blogging platform for users who write in Cyrillic scripts, including Russian and Kazak.

It was blocked by court order in August 2011.

NGO Law Brings Chill Wind to Tajikistan

Activists move abroad in anticipation of restrictions.

A forthcoming  law that will restrict the activities of charity organisations and human rights groups in Tajikistan is already having an effect, as human rights activists and others quietly leave the country.

Amendments to the existing law on non-government organisations (NGOs) were passed by both houses of Tajikistan’s parliament in June and July, and are currently awaiting final sign-off by President Imomali Rahmon.


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