Georgian Government Unhappy About Opposition Role in Ukraine

Kiev has enlisted Saakashvili-era officials to help carry out badly-needed reforms.

Georgia's current leaders have expressed disquiet at the growing number of opposition figures taking up senior posts with the Ukrainian government.

The latest appointment came on February 16, when Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin announced that David Sakvarelidze, a lawmaker from Georgia’s opposition United National Movement party (UNM) had been hired as his deputy.

Young Cubans Seek Solace in Alcohol

Rising rates of alcohol dependence among young people.

Luis is two years old and already drinking rum. Adults find it funny when he scampers over for a sip from their bottles, and local street drinker Rigoberto Santa Cruz boasts that Luis is already the biggest boozer in the neighbourhood.

Santa Cruz, who lives in Atare, a deprived quarter of Havana’s Cerro municipality, believes that dipping babies’ dummies in alcohol is just training them up for their future.

Armenia's European Judge Controversy

President invalidates candidate selection amid allegations that process was flawed.

Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan has announced a rerun of the selection process for a judge to sit at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg.


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