Hadzic’s Health "Rapidly Deteriorating"

Tumour which led to his provisional release is affecting his cognitive skills.

Former Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic’s terminal brain cancer means that his ability to participate in trial proceedings is expected to rapidly deteriorate, a medical expert told the Hague tribunal this week.

Are Kyrgyzstan's Leaders Serious About War on Corruption?

Recent detention of senior figures looks good but may not herald a more comprehensive drive to root out corrupt officials.

The arrest of two high-profile officials on fraud charges in Kyrgyzstan has failed to convince the government’s critics that it is serious about cracking down on systemic corruption.

Access to Information Curbed in Tajikistan

New law seen as restricting media diversity and journalists’ ability to find things out.

Journalists in Tajikistan say new instructions telling government departments to release information to the state news agency before anyone else gets it are a worrying development.

The instructions, signed by President Imomali Rahmon and approved at a June 30 cabinet meeting, require all official information to be sent to the Khovar news agency, which will then distribute it to other media outlets.


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