Life on the Margins of Tajikistan's Capital

Even the chance of low-paid casual labour is enough to draw people in from the countryside.

Families living in makeshift housing on the fringes of the Tajik capital Dushanbe say they feel marginalised and ignored.

While hundreds of thousands of Tajiks work abroad in Russia, there is also a constant flow of movement from the countryside to the capital, where people hope to find casual work, typically at markets.

Many live in hostels around the city, or squat in disused buildings when they cannot get anything else.

Inside Nigeria's House Servant Racket

Problem of young domestic workers and middlemen stealing from clients has become widespread.

The bus moves swiftly along, throwing up dust on the highway as it winds its way to Nigeria’s southern border with Benin. It  is full of passengers bound for different destinations.

Sekinat, a 20-year-old from Togo’s capital, Lomé, sits quietly, lost in her own thoughts. She  is on her way home after a five-year stay in Nigeria where she has worked as a housemaid for various families since the age of 15.

Armenia: Murder Case Strains Relations with Moscow

Mass protests held over Yerevan’s failure to try Russian suspect in an Armenian court.

Armenians in the capital Yerevan and the northwestern city of Gyumri have reacted angrily after the national authorities failed to act against a Russian serviceman accused of carrying out a brutal gun massacre.

Instead, the suspect, Private Valery Permyakov, was taken into custody at the  Russian army  base where he was deployed, and the military authorities there are now investigating the crime.


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